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Amazon: 4.7 stars

Goodreads: 3.90 stars


There’s danger that neither of them can escape.

Reclusive author, Xanthe Malcolm, likes her private and quiet life. However, when her wildly-popular series Paranormal Hunters gets picked up by a big-time publishing agency, she’s thrust into the limelight alongside sexy, photographer-turned-cover model, Oliver Fairfax. Upon meeting, the chemistry between the quirky writer and arrogant model quickly intensifies, creating a steamy page-turner of events made for romance novels.

Then comes the plot twist.

Xanthe has secrets that have kept her bound to silence.

And the truth has Oliver questioning every unspoken word.

My musings…

I own this book but have yet to read it.  My friend has read it, and I know that she is excited for the next book in the series.  You will find information for that book below.

Price: .99

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“We were the nightmares of nightmares…”

On the surface, Ricki Conklin is just an average bloke, a brilliant tattooist with his own shop.
Below the surface, he’s a vigilante revenge-seeker, atoning for a past he fears will never set him free.

Jaime is his everything, his foul-mouthed Dollface.
Covered in ink from collarbone to feet, she’s a wild child after his heart.
Set adrift, losing faith in herself and humanity, she’s broken down not by abuse, but by neglect. For years, she exists only so she can finally come home.

This is their story.

My musings…

I will be pre-ordering this book based solely on the recommendation of my friend.  There is a special price if you pre-order the book.

Release Date: June 10, 2017

Price: 1.99

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