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Dear A. –
I am writing to express my gratitude for your gift. There are no sufficient words, but please accept my sincerest thank you.


She writes me back.
I didn’t expect that.

She tells me she’s a lover of chicken pizza and video games, a hot sorority girl with the nickname Sloth. She wants to know something about me in return. She says I owe her.

This is how she saves my life. She doesn’t even know it. We’ve never even seen each other. But I need a reason. Just one reason to continue. She becomes mine.

The anonymity is good. She doesn’t need to know me, but I need her kindness. We both live our lives: a letter here, a post card there. For three years, I escape my demons. And then one day I’m pulled back in.

I’ve resigned myself to what I know is coming. Until the girl I’m spanking gives her safe word: Sloth.

And then the lie I’m living starts to unravel.


I whirl around, because I need to go now. Need to run.

He grabs my arms, snatching me around to face him, holding me in front of him. Holding me still as he tries to tell me things I never want to hear.

“Stop it! Shut up! Shut up, Kellan! Fuck you!” He pulls me closer, and I slap his face.

The sound echoes through the foyer. His smooth, tanned check stains brilliant crimson.

He doesn’t move a muscle. Doesn’t even blink as I look at him for what I know will be the last time.

I’m sorry. His lips move silently. I don’t care. I can’t. His secrets ruined my life. He ruined my life!

If I live to be hundred, my heart will never be the same.

My musings…

When I a read Sloth almost a year ago, I was stunned at the rendering of this beautiful story, and, based on the title, it was nothing I was even expecting.  It was much more!  This was an absolute 5 star review for me, and it’s a book I went without sleep just so I could finish it.

This a dark and mysterious erotic romance, and it is also very long, around 500 pages.  However, it is one of those books that is so good that you don’t notice the length.  The story just sucks you right in, and you don’t want to surface until you get to the resolution of their story.

It is currently free on Amazon US, and with the second one, Murder, releasing today, this is great time to start a new series.

Amazon US: Sloth

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