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The very first Teaser Tuesday post will feature an advertisement for Idol releasing June 7, by Kristen Callihan.

Why this picture?

To quote my friend, Abs.  She had to choose between words and abs, and abs won out.  Other than the abs, the tagline is intriguing.  I love a good reformed bady-boy trope, and I know the author will put her unique spin on the story to avoid the conventional rock-star trope.

Additionally, I have been an avid reader of Ms. Callihan’s Game On series, and if you have not read them, click here right now (You won’t regret it!).  Since my experiences with her writing have been limited to this series, my thoughts will stem from these reading experiences.  First, Kristen Callihan, although writing a series around the same core group of characters, always creates interesting and varied stories for each set of heroes and heroines.  Her characters are often motivated by complex issues, making them more relatable.  These characters aren’t just athletes or, in this case, musicians who are interested in partying and girls.  These men are driven and have goals.  The heroines are all strong and independent, and there is never any slut-shaming among them.  Finally, I love the banter between the characters.  Some of my favorite scenes were the text messages between Gray and Ivy.  Although the synopsis is interesting and the teaser and synopsis make me want to purchase the first book in her new series, Kristen Callihan’s writing style alone will entice me to buy Idol.



I found Killian drunk and sprawled out on my lawn like some lost prince. With the face of a god and the arrogance to match, the pest won’t leave. Sexy, charming, and just a little bit dirty, he’s slowly wearing me down, making me crave more.

He could be mine if I dare to claim him. Problem is, the world thinks he’s theirs. How do you keep an idol when everyone is intent on taking him away?

As lead singer for the biggest rock band in the world, I lived a life of dreams. It all fell apart with one fateful decision. Now everything is in shambles.

Until Liberty. She’s grouchy, a recluse—and kind of cute. Scratch that. When I get my hands on her, she is scorching hot and more addictive than all the fans who’ve screamed my name.

The world is clamoring for me to get back on stage, but I’m not willing to leave her. I’ve got to find away to coax the hermit from her shell and keep her with me. Because, with Libby, everything has changed. Everything.

Release Date: June 7, 2016

Amazon US: Idol

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