#YearEndReview 6 of My Favorite Series of 2016


I LOVE a series, especially a series of stand alone books, clearly.  I am an absolute sucker for series where authors foreshadow characters and their plot lines, usually causing me to stalk these authors to find out the next publishing date, but I also love that these series of stand-alone books allow readers to catch up with old characters that we love from the same series.  Being able to live in the same world but get different stories from different characters is truly like getting the best of both worlds!

*At least one book, if not the whole series, was read in 2016.


My musings…

Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell are pure co-author gold, and I love their books!  Their writing is emotional, sexy, and gripping. Each story sucked me in from the very first page  with complex characters, well structured and paced plots, and heart-tugging conflicts and resolutions.   I seriously cannot get enough of these two or their books, and I am currently in full stalker mode trying to discover any information on book 3 in the series, which is one of my most anticipated reads of 2017!

Strong Signal ♦ Fast Connection

Review of Fast Connection


My musings…

Max Monroe has slayed me with this series.  I’ve fallen in love with each set of characters and their unique stories and personalities.  I have laughed with them, cried with them, and fallen in love with them, but more than just the love of the romance between each couple, I have loved watching their friendship change and evolve as the move onto different parts of their lives.  The friendship among this group of people has been just as enjoyable as watching each love story grow and evolve.  Even though the series has ended, there is certainly more coming from Max Monroe (Hello, Sex Says), and I personally cannot wait!

Billionaire Bad Boys Series 

Review of Banking the Billionaire, Banking Her, Scoring the Billionaireand Scoring Her


My musings…

Jen Frederick has scored with the Gridiron Series!  With the perfect blend of sports and romance, she delivers heat and heart that will leave the reader completely in enamored.  From the very first book with Knox, the virgin hero, to Matty, the reluctant leader,  and  then Ace, the bad boy who needed saving, I have been all in, 100% invested.  I love her writing, I love the characters, and I love the world she has created.  So, whether they are Renegades or Warriors, I don’t really care! I am just not ready to leave this world, and I hope Jen Frederick isn’t either for a very long time!

Gridiron Series 

Review of Downed


My musings…

This series!  GAH!  This freaking series! If you can’t tell, I adore it! Aly Martinez created three individual stories while also maintaining and overarching plot for the whole series, which was completely fantastic!  The other aspect of the series that I love is that unique impairment of each of the brothers.  Aly Martinez does not hold back in this series in terms of putting her characters through the ringer, but that only makes their journey that much more emotional and the resolution that much more rewarding.  This is without a doubt a series I will be returning to re-read since it is complete.

On the Ropes Box Set


My musings…

Meghan Quinn continues to impress with her romantic comedies, truly providing readers with endearing tales of love and great laughs. Her stories never fail to put a smile on my face, and the Stroked series is just another shining example of why I absolutely adore Meghan Quinn.  What I really love about this series, though, is how unique each story is.  Each hero is battling his own issues, and while they all have humor, she tackles serious issues in some while another one is more outrageously hilarious.  With each story being unique, Meghan Quinn has crafted a series that kept me coming back for more!

Stroked Series

Review for StrokedStroked Long, and Stroked Hard


My musings…

This one may be a little bit of a cheat, but I don’t care.  Technically, these are not a series, but clearly, based on the similarities between the covers, they are related.  That alone warrants me calling it a series, at least in my mind.

I adore these two writers! Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland are both one-click authors for me, so when they co-write books together it is AMAZING! Each story is fun, captivating, romantic, and oh so steamy, and yet each story is completely unique.  These authors just consistently provide readers with pure entertainment, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.  I am not sure if they are done writing this “series” together, but I certainly hope not!

Cocky Bastard ♦ Stuck-up Suit ♦ Playboy Pilot

Review of Playboy Pilot

Please feel free to share some of your favorite series from 2016, as my TBR list is always looking for more books!

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  1. I loved Downed (love the series) and Strong Signal too! I need to read all of the others!

  2. I think I’ve read only the first book of the series for all of those series. I need to catch up!

  3. Ive read all the PW and Vi books, I have those by Elle Kennedy and Max Monroe but still have to read them. Lol!! 🙈

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