#YearEndReview “Best Couples of 2017”

There is something magical that happens when a heroine and a hero click.  These couples grow and evolve independently and together, and I generally enjoy their connection and banter.  Now, some of these couples also express their connection with steamy bedroom antics, and some of them just have that easy chemistry out of it.  Either way, these duos were enjoyable, and their chemistry made the romance.

luciandivine_03-1-1-1 My musings…

Watching this couple come together and fall in love is a true joy.  The forbidden relationship aspect of the story adds to the conflict to the story, but what makes the story much more interesting is the unknown.  What happens to angels who fall in love with humans and act on it is a question that is not answered until the end, and as the story progresses, readers get to see it in action.  They are piecing together those parts of the story along with the characters, and while it doesn’t seem like it is going to have a happy ending, the reader still hopes that these two will be able to get past the biggest obstacles to find a way to be together…Full Review


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This story is so much fun! There isn’t a better word for it! Blake and Jess make each and every scene entertaining.  The jokes, the blake-isms, the triple entendres will have readers falling in love with the story and the characters.  Watching Blake chase and pursue Jess is simply magical, and I found myself falling in love with Blake with each passing page. The conflict that is created in this book is unusual, and I couldn’t believe that it continued for so long; however, knowing what readers know about Blake it isn’t shocking.  I do love that these writers didn’t use a typical romance trope conflict, and it pays off in the end. Readers get their conflict but they get to keep the love of both characters in tact.  Just like the rest of the story, the ending of this book will have readers cheezin’ (insert sigh)…Full Review

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This story is a slow burn.  It has a completely different tone from Wilder, but it is beautiful just the same. Rebecca Yarros will strip you down to your soul with Landon and Rachel’s love story.  Within the opening pages, my heart ached for these characters.  Her words so poignantly conveyed their emotions and pain that I felt it in my own body.  Each word and act only serves to destroy readers piece by piece, as the author takes the time to flesh out what went wrong with their relationship, and she makes her characters pay penance for their errors, crushing reader’s hearts right along with the characters.  But what I love most about this story is that it also about healing.  It is about letting go of the past and moving forward, and just as readers’ hearts will break with Landon and Rachel, it heals with them as well.  Their faith is restored with each word and act from Landon, and even when it all falls apart, as it inevitably does, readers are rooting for them to find a way back to each other, because there is not doubt that these two are each other’s forever.  This story is the epitome of a well written romance that gets down into the soul of its readers and shows the power of real and passionate love.  This is the romance women and girls dream about, to be loved so deeply and purely…Full Review

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These characters more than anything make this entire novel.  Their personalities, their chemistry with each other, and their story is just phenomenal.  I absolutely adore Charly, and I found myself becoming enamored with her character just as everyone in the novel seemed to do. She is fun and sweet, and she is a spitfire. I really just love every single aspect of her character. Then there is Vaughn. Oh, Vaughn!! I LOVE him! He is a famous actor who has a heart of gold and is grounded in the things that matter.  His dirty mouth, also, doesn’t hurt! What I love most is these two together, though.  They way they interact, joking, bantering, and having fun at all times is so enjoyable to watch. They truly are magic together, and I was entranced from the opening pages…Full Review

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My musings…

This story, like all of Sarina Bowen’s MM romance,  is just beautiful.  Every moment between Caleb and Josh is filled with so much love, and even when readers get the climax of the story and the intense standoff between the characters, it is clear that love is what drives the confrontation.  What makes this story so engaging is seeing this couple change and grow independently as well as together.  Seeing them deal with the emotional damage of the compound, the struggle of going public, and the handling the conflict of the story not only serves to develop Caleb and Josh as a character, but ultimately weaves a story the exhibits the reformative powers of love.  Together, these two heal and become stronger, showcasing all the ways love is transformative…Full Review

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Could Dylan and Ace be any more perfect? No, absolutely and emphatically no. Dylan is still the optimistic, wears his heart on his sleeve, fully devoted man readers have adored the whole way through the series, and Ace is still the protective, sometimes gruff, unabashedly in love man readers love. These two together are pure perfection. The love they feel for each other radiates our from them and suffuses the room with love. It is true and pure and good, the epitome of everything love should be!

This story is truly Dylan and Ace’s happily ever after. There is really little to no conflict, and normally that is a deal breaker for me as a reader, but in this case, having walked this journey with these two, I wanted nothing but happiness and love for these two. They certainly deserve it! All of it! All the happiness! And, Ella frank and Brooke Blaine deliver in every single regard.  Readers get to see the planning, the bachelor party, the gorgeous wedding, and, oh God, that epilogue had me tearing up a bit…Full Review

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 My musings…

I have so much love for Vera. She is absolutely everything I admire in a heroine. Brave and talented, this woman took her life into her own hands.  She pursues her dreams and takes back her life with Foodie.  Readers will enjoy watching her create recipes, come into her own, and fall in love, just as much as they will love watching her fight and flirt with Killian.

Killian. Oh, how I love Killian. He has the passion, the seriousness of a executive chef, but he has this way of pushing Vera.  He sees her talent and does nothing but support and help develop her talents, even if it is hidden with some backhanded compliments (don’t worry, she gives it right back). Killian is one that has a small tight circle of people he loves, but readers can see that he loves passionately when he does.  This man is protective, loyal, loving, supportive, all the things a hero should be…Full Review

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My musings…

Their romance is one that belongs in an old-world movie.  The meeting, the attraction, and the getting to know you phase of their romance allows us to feel authenticity for their relationship.  It is clear that this is more than just lust and physical intimacy.  The inner-dialogue of the characters exhibits how deep their feelings go, and while their physical intimacy is heated and so good, the emotions behind the acts make their love so much more.  I absolutely love the resolution to this story, and the way Karina Halle chose to set-up the conflict and have it play out made this reader ridiculously happy.  The author just keeps adding to the happiness with that epilogue.  It really made all the back and the forth in the book worth every agonizing moment…Full Review

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Mister Romance (Masters of Love Book 1) by [Rayven, Leisa] My musings…

Mister Romance is a very character driven story, and Max and Eden are complex and intriguing. Readers will enjoy their development individually and as a couple.  They are both broken a little by past relationship, and while it is what motivates Max to be Mister Romance, it causes Eden to shut down, as it is better to feel nothing than pain. This seems to put them at odds, but they are surprisingly suited for each other.  Watching the the different revelations as they come to terms with their feelings and what happens as a result is enrapturing . No matter their past or present, readers will swoon over Max and root for Eden to move past her hangups so they can be together…Full Review

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 My musings…

Josh isn’t the typical hero.  Yes, he is from a wealthy family, and he runs a successful business.  He is also gorgeous and incredibly good in the sack, but he has an unusual side job of running blog that exhibits pornographic images and gifs of one of his best assets.  What is interesting about this is that it should turn the reader off.  Honestly, the confidence in his anatomy and his actions would make most readers dislike the hero and expect some type of redemption by the end, but Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam make him so likable.  From the first meeting, I like him.  His character voice made me laugh, and, honestly, I couldn’t contain my smile with his talk of lighting and scenery when it came to crafting his images.  Really, I was charmed by his character from the very beginning.

Evie is a new lawyer that has some issues with her body image based on past experiences with men and some mean girls in high school.  She is, of course, beautiful in the eyes of our hero and most other men if the hero is to be believed.   She is, however, very introverted, but readers get to see her personality come out with her best friend Kendall, which endears them to her character.  As she interacts with Josh, more of her personality surfaces, and readers get to see the different layers to her character, allowing her to become a much more dimensional heroine that readers can root for…Full Review


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 My musings…

The chemistry between these two sparks right away and is pure magic from the get go. Their journey to coupledom, of course, gets waylaid a bit at the beginning, but part of the fun of this romance is how these two get back to each other. The antics, the fun, the hot (and I do mean HOT) sex just makes the journey that much better. Plus the grand gesture at the end is totally epic, and the epilogue left me grinning from ear to ear.

Love, love, love Captain by Lauren Rowe. If you are looking for a romance that will have you laughing and swooning, as well as adoring each and every single character. This is the book for you! I swear Rum Cakes, a.k.a Captain, a.k.a Ryan will not disappoint…Full Review


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 My musings…

The one aspect of Jay Crownover’s characters that makes me enamored with them every single time is how they are broken but not damaged.  These men and women have all suffered some kind of hardships, some worse than others, but all of them are survivors, none more so than Hudson and Poppy.  These two have been put through the ringer by life and the people who should have loved them.  What is admirable about them, though, is that they aren’t damaged beyond repair.  They are a tad beaten down, maybe still suffering from the effects of crimes committed against them, but they are both still fighting and still trying to heal and do in the arms of each other.  These two build this relationship on compassion, understanding and support.  They accept each other, flaws, issues, etc. and trust implicitly, making them a model relationship for what real love look likes.

The chemistry between them from the very first kiss is magnetic.  With little to no touching, Jay Crownover is able to convey the electricity that pulls them together.  As Poppy’s trust builds, their intimate moments together only get that much better, and readers will not only enjoy these steamy scenes but they will also find happiness in each moment because it captures how Poppy is starting to really heal and live again…Full Review


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 My musings…

Austin Wright is the right mistake to make. Even when he is struggling with his addiction, being irresponsible, and even hurting those he loves with his blasé attitude, it is easy to see the goodness beneath the surface. Because readers see the heart underneath the bravado he throws around, they ache for the pain he is hiding and how he continually seems to screw up the relationships that matter to him. Even with all the mistakes, readers still yearn for him to get it together, to make his life not only better for his heroine and family but also ultimately for himself. Because of all the Wright brothers, Austin needs his HEA, whether that is with his heroine or not.

Julia is a heroine that is a survivor. Her dedication to making an independent life and standing on her own two feet is honorable, and when readers find out why, their respect for her only increases. This is a woman who wants to be able to protect herself, emotionally and physically, even when it hurts her in the process. She also heals and grows and changes throughout the course of the novel, and who she becomes in the face of the adversity in her past is wonderful…Full Review

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 My musings…

The story starts out in a very interesting way, one I didn’t expect, but I love how it sets them in the direct path of one another with the help of Peck. The banter between the two, the obvious denial of feelings, and the animosity of Walker and the sweetness of Sienna, leads to insane chemistry.  Their verbal sparring is just as great as their actual physical gratification.  Although it is not clear what Walker’s secret is, it is clear that it will be the conflict of the story when it is revealed.  And while, I enjoy the conflict selection and understand the choices made by the characters, the resolution came about a bit too quickly for me.  The epilogue though is perfect, and it really showcased the ideas of love and family, which have been the epicenter of both series…Full Review

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