#YearEndReview Steamiest Reads of 2017

Chemistry! That electrical current that runs between characters igniting their passions and desires for each other is key to any good romance novel.  I love when an author writes in a way that the couple’s energy seems palpable, almost so heavy that is is suffocating the room.  This desire often culminates into some of the best sex scenes ever, but sometimes the sexual tension alone is enough to keep me turning the pages!  So whether or not they have explicit sex scenes or just have incredible build up, these romances are my steamiest reads of 2017!!!

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Lovers of insta-lust and insta-love will devour My Week with the Bad Boy. These authors bring everything readers love about this trope: characters with animosity that turns to steam-inducing physical relations, back stories that make the characters more interesting and complex, and enough drama/angst to keep readers entertained. Plus, the ending is absolutely perfect for this pair, and their HEA is everything these two deserve.

I fell in love with these two authors as Kennedy Fox, and I continue to be enamored with their characters and story telling. I always get quick, dirty, and fun with them, and who in their right might can resist that?…Full Review


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 My musings…

The chemistry between these two in the bedroom is sizzling, like off the charts, make me blush chemistry. Their physical intimacy legitimizes their actual relationship until their emotions catch up to their sexual interactions. These moments are some of my favorite in the whole book…Full Review

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Dirty Little Secret (Forbidden Desires, #1) My musings…

Sexy. Seductive. Alluring. Utterly IRRESISTIBLE. This world of alpha heroes and submissive heroines is where Kendall Ryan shines, and the first book in this duet is scintillating, ultimately leaving readers dying for more.

This story intrigued me from the very beginning. I wasn’t sure what road Kendall Ryan was going to take us on as so many possibilities were presented to readers within the first few chapters: the two brothers vying for attention, the escort business, the secret being hidden, the emotionally closed off hero. While she does choose a dominant plot line, all of these story arcs take a role in the full plot of Dirty Little Secret. But what will ultimately will keep readers intrigued is the relationship between the characters, watching them get to know each other and break down walls while heating up in the bedroom. What I wasn’t expecting was the surprise plot revelation. It is clear what the so called secret will center around, but I was blown away by not only the new piece of information dropped by the author but also all that it will entail in the next book…Full Review

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This story starts out heavy on the angst and steam, and it doesn’t let up until the end. Every single moment between Olivia and Spencer is electric, and the author does a great job moving them from lust to love in a believable fashion. Of course, the angst arrives with the many hurdles that come at them from both sides, and, as one would expect, they don’t always walk away unscathed. The readers will want to scream at them and will shake their heads in disappointment, but Ava Harrison delivers an ending the brings this couple full circle…Full Review

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The chemistry between these two from the very beginning is off the charts, and out of all of her books, their connection, emotionally and physically, is searing.  Every scene is HOOOTTT, so freaking hot. It is probably one of the steamiest books I have read from her, and this is in large part due to the sexual freedom of both Riley and Maverick.

Not only does Karina Halle deliver a super steamy romance with characters to love, but she also delivers a romance that has elements of danger with the occupations of both of the main characters.  The inherent dangers of the job bring a level of fear for the couple as well as puts the reader in heightened state of suspense because we know the dangers of the job will come into play. When it does, the heightened emotions of Riley and Maverick are intense, and the author does a great job making the readers feel the grief and heartbreak of each character.  There might be some who don’t like how the secondary conflict is resolved, but I liked how it exemplified the solidarity of the team, especially after what they all endured together…Full Review

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 Most Valuable PlayboyMy musings…

The chemistry between these two will not only have readers loving the characters but also their story. There is just something that clicks about them, drawing the reader into their romance. The relationship also gives the standard fake-relationship, best friend sister romance something different. This is a standard romance trope, and yet it reads as completely unique. Lauren Blakely has made this well-used trope brand new, and their story will entice readers, making it impossible to put this book down and not become enamored with their journey…Full Review

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Hot Cop_amazon 5.31.21 PM.jpg My musings…

Just like their previous novel, these authors take a lust filled, steamy romance and make it more.  With each passing chapter, the reader sees the inevitable happening.  They see the emotions begin to infiltrate their contractual relationship, as the dual point-of-view allows for the reader to see inside the minds of both Chase and Livia.  The development from lust to love is developed at a pace that makes it believable, and it will have readers falling in love with these two characters and their relationship.  The conflict and resulting reconciliation is authentic and keeps the love of the characters in tact, and readers will absolutely love the resolution of the story.  It is perfect….Full Review

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My musings…

This plot is riddled with angst, but deservedly so.  There is loss and healing, pain and love, but more than anything this story is seductive and passionate.  By moving the reader from the past and the present, Pam Godwin not only makes the reader fall in love with the whirlwind romance and consuming relationship between Cole and Danni, but she also gets the reader to love Trace and Danni and their often volatile and difficult, yet incredibly passionate courtship and love.  The plot choices she makes to get the readers to love both men and both couples is obvious from the beginning; however, it is the only choice to get readers to be torn over this decision as much as Danni is. This is truly I story that I don’t know where the author is going to take me, and while I know I will be incredibly happy with who she chooses, I also know that my heart will be crushed at the same time by who she leaves behind…Full Review

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Wicked Favor AMAZONMy musings…

The plot and pacing of the story keeps you engaged with the revenge aspect as well as the fun times in the club and the romance between Trista and Jerico. All of these different parts of the story are meant to enhance the relationship between the two, and Sawyer Bennett achieves this with perfection.  As indicated before, The Wicked Horse offers the best of both worlds, steamy seduction and debauchery and romance. Readers will love every minute they are in this world, and they will not want to leave!

What I love about this series is that Sawyer Bennett allows for exploration of desires and kink in a way that makes it natural.  These books have always been about being okay with what a person likes and desires, and I love it.  The Wicked Horse has become a place for many to be who they are, and they find happiness within its walls, so who can begrudge someone a lifestyle that satisfies them…Full Review

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lil_frontcover_lores My musings…

he chemistry and sexual tension between these two characters is what pulls readers into this story.  With every interaction, with every conversation, and with every longing look, readers can feel the energy crackle between them.  Even though Trey and Kate don’t physically connect until much later in the book, the connection between them is enough to sustain the reader and heighten readers’ anticipation of the inevitable explosion between these two.  The author’s ability to lace each word, each look, each thought with desire makes every scene between the two of them sizzle.  The electric energy created with her use of dual POV leaves the reader yearning for this couple to finally make the leap, and when they do, it is HOT, delivering on all the sexual tension the author has built up throughout the beginning of the story.  Even though this couple is on fire, there is more to them then just their physical intimacy.  Their banter with each other, their support for one another, and their general love of adventure and life makes them compatible on all levels, heightening the sizzling chemistry between them…Full Review

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00072] My musings…

The chemistry between the Drew and Emerie is electric. Physically, they set the room on fire with her ability to be vulnerable with Drew and his dirty mouth, but this is to be expected from a Vi Keeland book. What this couple does have, though, is the emotional and personal chemistry that can sometimes be lacking in a book. Vi Keeland, however, writes witty banter that makes every interaction laced with this unspoken energy and attraction, making their energy completely potent and intoxicating.


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Let me start by saying this book is one of my top 5 Penelope Ward books. I really enjoyed the complexity of the characters, the chemistry that sizzled from thousands of miles away, and the flawed and difficult nature of their relationship. I was thoroughly entertained by this abnormal love connection.

I often find it is hard for an author to create chemistry between a hero and heroine when they are not living in the same area or even spending actual time together, but Penelope Ward absolutely nails this aspect of the story. Over thousands of miles and not seeing each other, readers can feel the sparks between these two ignite, leading to some serious build up that is worth the pay off when they explode in steamy ball of fire…Full Review

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